Founding Team

Dedicated to making finance work for everyone.


Chris Slaughter

Chris Slaughter has a background in applied mathematics and a decade of experience in startups. Before starting LVL, Chris was the CEO of Lynx Laboratories (acq. Occipital) and VP Verticals at Occipital. Chris also served as Entrepreneur in Residence at Capital Factory, Texas's leading accelerator and VC.


Courtnie Simmons

Courtnie Simmons has two decades of experience working in startups. Before starting LVL, Courtnie worked in Operations for White Glove Health and Lynx Laboratories, and Support & Logistics for Occipital. Courtnie is passionate about putting the customer first across all of LVL's operations.


Brandon Eng

Brandon Eng studied Biology and Business Administration before becoming a software developer. As Head of Product at LVL, Brandon is passionate about empathizing with customers and designing interfaces that make finance more accessible for the next generation of users.

The People Behind LVL

LVL is backed by a team of people passionate about Bitcoin.


Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur. He's an open source contributor to many different Bitcoin projects and the author of Programming Bitcoin from O'Reilly.

Jimmy Song


Willy Woo is a pioneer in blockchain analytics. Before crypto, Willy was a multiple time successful founder in mobile products.

Willy Woo


John Price is the CEO of As the Founder of Trilogy, John is considered the Godfather of tech entrepreneurship in central Texas and is active in mentoring high growth startups.

John Price


Dan is a finance and product expert. Dan is currently the Managing Director of NextStream Capital. Prior to Nextstream, Dan was the CTO & Co-Founder of ExStream Software (acq. HP, 2008), the maker of Dialogue.

Dan Kloiber


Josh is an experienced trader and investor in both crypto and traditional financial markets. He has worked for industry-leading tech companies including Virgin Pulse and is the co-founder of

Josh Rager


Josh has been an active crypto trader and investor since April 2017. Josh has garnered a strongly engaged and tight knit community through sharing his unique analysis of the crypto markets.

Josh Dorgan


Jesse is a product designer and front-end engineer based in Boulder, CO. He focuses primarily on user-centric design practices to create intuitive user experiences.

Jesse Litton


Gautam is an executive with 20+ years of experience in digital, product, and the customer experience marketing. Gautam specializes in communicating ideas through storytelling and visual delivery.

Gautam Desai


Darius is the Product Manager at Sunroom Rentals and was previously Co-Founder of a 500 Startups-backed startup. Darius likes to skate, motorcycle, and play guitar.

Darius Salehipour


Ambroid has been immersed in the cryptoasset industry for over 3 years. A chemical engineer by training, he focuses on mining and other fundamentals of cryptoassets.

Jakub Mihalciak


Zac is the co-founder of the delivery app, Favor. Since developing the core technology, the company has gone on to raise over $35M dollars, launched in 22 cities and was recently acquired by HEB Grocery.

Zac Maurais


Kevin Owocki is the founder of -- a network for growing open source software. He has 10 years of engineering leadership experience and is a community organizer in the Boulder Colorado Tech Scene.

Kevin Owocki

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