What is Level

Feb. 4, 2019

Level is the future of investing

Level is an exchange where members enjoy unlimited, easy trading for a low monthly membership fee.

We built Level for the future of investing.  When the playing field is level, more people can play.  Level Membership is $5 per month per user. All users pay the same fee and all users receive the same features. No unnecessary fees.  No ICO. No bull.  

Read more about Level’s vision and where we are going in our blog.  

Getting started with Level is easy

Create an account today to lock in pricing of $5.00 a month for life.

  • Create an account – enter your email and create your password
  • Verify your email address – follow the link in the email we send you

That’s it!  You have secured your pricing and your spot. 

If you live in a region we service*, you will then be asked to:

  • Enter your access code – provide the access code you received from a friend
  • Protect your account – add one time password authentication to further secure your account
  • Provide your identity information – Name, address, etc
  • Photo ID Documents – you’ll need a copy of your state ID (U.S. customers) or passport (International customers), and a mobile device with a camera.

For more detailed getting started information, see our support guide on the left.

*We are expanding quickly, so even if your location is not yet supported, you can still register your account to secure the $5/month membership fee.  You will not be charged until you provide your information and photo ID, and fund your account.