Product Update

March 5, 2019

See the Exchange

We’re really excited to share how Level is coming along. It has been less than a month since we officially launched the Level Alpha and with each and every week, we’re building on our learnings about how to establish trust, communicate our vision, and of course, launch a cryptocurrency exchange. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been building during this time.

The Current State of Level

  • Users can sign up to get on the waitlist

  • Access codes active to skip the line

  • Intuitive KYC process

  • Deposit and withdraw from BitGo-powered wallets

  • Live Limit Order Trading on USDC pairs

Next Steps

Calling all Alpha testers! Now that Level is open for live trading, we encourage users to finish verifying their accounts, make a deposit, and start trading. Your goal should be to test the usability of the product and give constructive feedback. Our goal will be to listen to your feedback and rapidly iterate the product to build the exchange that you want. There are many imperfections left to find and core features coming soon (hint: liquidity), and we cannot wait to share these announcements with you in the coming weeks and months. Sign up today at, follow us on our Twitter @LevelInvest, or join our Discord

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