Level Prepares for Liquidity

March 19, 2019

Since launching trading on Level, we’ve been building dedicated relationships with our Alpha users and rapidly improving the product based on their feedback. In the past two weeks, we’ve made two major improvements to the user experience.

A New Look for Level

While focusing on getting a working product out the door (trading and secure wallets), Level’s minimalistic user interface took a backseat. In this update, we’ve responded with the following changes.

Preparing for Liquidity

A major reason why traders trust and use a particular exchange is because of liquidity. In the past, this has been done by paying people to "make the market" or mirroring the order books of other exchanges. At Level, we plan to create liquidity in a fresh and innovative way. You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks, but in preparation for our liquidity project, we improved our users’ wallet experience. This includes:

  • Deposit and Withdrawal modals

  • Improved navigation within accounts

  • Updated account interface to be extensible for multiple wallets

Also, Canada Support

We love our friends to the north, and are now able to support all features on Level for Canadian users! We're excited for these users to join the Alpha and help us test trading on Level. As always, our priority is to listen to feedback and build the exchange our community wants. To join our community, Sign Up, follow us on Twitter @LevelInvest, or join our Discord.