Introducing Level

Feb. 12, 2019

Crypto exchanges provide a valuable service helping users adopt crypto. Exchanges also charge extremely high fees compared to traditional finance. These fees target new investors, drain returns, and reduce adoption. We believe the exchange business model should be aligned with the interests of the consumer. So we worked with members of the community to develop a new approach. After six months, we’re excited to reveal what we’ve been working on. Today, we’re excited to announce the Level Alpha.

Level is an exchange where Members enjoy unlimited, easy cryptocurrency trading for only $5/month. Level’s flat, $5, monthly fee means:

  • You can trade as often as you want, at no extra charge
  • And keep 100% of your returns
  • We think this is a solid value. For the price you pay to make a handful of trades on other exchanges, you get unlimited trades on Level for an entire month

Level offers:

  • A secure, multi-signature wallet
  • And an easy-to-use technical interface
  • With the best value based pricing in crypto
  • And .. all on a regulated, US-based exchange

Level was built by members of the crypto community. Our 21 person founding team is majority experienced crypto traders and influencers. Our founding team are Level members as well. So we asked a few to talk about why they joined Level:

  • Exchanges play a key role giving people access to crypto. I joined Level  because reducing exchange fees will increase adoption. - @jimmysong
  • What I value most about Level is just that – they’re putting everyone on the same level when it comes to trading. Total transparency, no unfair advantages. - @thecryptodog
  • Most people have no clue just how often crypto exchanges take advantage of people. For mass crypto adoption, we have to be able to trust exchanges. With Level, you get security as well as value based trading with no fees on every trade. -  @Josh_Rager

Now you can be a part of Level. Become an Alpha Member and get a $5 monthly membership fee for life - and join the exchange built for Members like you.

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