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Crypto Exchange

Unlimited trading.
Zero trading fees.

Level offers a full crypto exchange with unlimited, zero-fee trading for members. Trades on Level are matched peer-to-peer on Level's own high-speed marketplace.


Secure Wallet

Crypto wallet.
Multi-sig security.

Level securely stores crypto in multi-signature wallets. Level hot wallets are built with BitGo, the worldwide leader in crypto custody security and compliance.

Management Team


Founder & CEO

Chris Slaughter

Chris is an experienced entrepreneur and business executive. Chris focuses on Level’s message, usability, and reliability. Chris has an extensive background in mathematics, high performance systems, and automation.


Head of Operations

Courtnie Simmons

Courtnie is a business operations expert with over a decade of experience in high-growth startups disrupting incumbent industries. Courtnie leads compliance and support operations at Level, where she focuses on reliability and transparency.


Head of Product

Brandon Eng

Brandon is a product designer and full-stack engineer. Brandon leads product development at Level, where he focuses on community-driven development, and rapid iteration. Brandon’s first asymmetric bet was leaving his career in medicine to learn coding.


Product Advisor

Willy Woo

Willy Woo has two decades of experience in startups, including founding two successful companies. Willy is best known for his work as an independent crypto-asset analyst and creator of the NVT ratio. Willy’s regularly cited work can be found on his Twitter feed (@woonomic).


Technology Advisor

Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur. He's the author of Programming Bitcoin published by O'Reilly, venture partner at Blockchain Capital, lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin and Instructor at Programming Blockchain.

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